Why you should use Timoni? 🚀
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Finally! A tool for developers with everything at their fingertips. Timoni has a friendly and intuitive user interface. It's so simple, that everyone can set up his application in a minute.

Self Service

No more waiting for the setup of an infrastructure. With Timoni you will be able to self-service and get the resources, and the infrastructure your application needs.


Templates and configuration files which will allow you to standardize processes of selected projects or across the whole organization.

Dashboards for the decision makers

Use the environment optimization tips from our panel and reduce your organization cloud expenses. Go one step further and schedule when your environments are running.

Improved security

Unified secrets storage, user permissions, security management for your applications and environments.

Dynamic infrastructure

Environments may have automatically scaled performance and to be subject of scheduling to operate only when they are needed. It avoids unnecessary cloud (private or public) infrastructure usage and finally significantly reduces costs.

Isolation of Faults

Earlier Bug Detection

Quick Maintenance

Small Code Changs

Increased Reliability

Quick Releases

Small Backlog