Timoni is a platform that supports Developers and DevOps in everyday tasks and software delivery. Standardize the CI/CD process of your organization with just one tool.
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What do I need to install Timoni?

Where can I find the installer?

Is Timoni self-hosted or PaaS?

What clouds does Timoni work with?

I use GitHub as my code repository, does Timoni support it?

Does Timoni have an API that I can integrate with?

What is a permission model?

Does it integrate with SSO, PAM, LDAP?

How does Timoni speed up the implementation cycle?

Is it possible to set up my own GitFlow, like a push-to-master implementation?

What is the predefined model for development, testing, stage, production, etc. environments?

What is end-to-end testing support?

Is the deployment mechanism based on Helm or authored?

How to define Persistent Volumes and control their usage?

What tool is the monitoring based on?

Is telemetry implemented in Timoni?

What is the recommended way to communicate between services (rest, queues)?

What queues does the environment support? Does he support the rabbit, kafka?

What is the environment development cycle and backwards compatibility?

New versions of other services such as databases, how often are they updated?

What if we need servers nearby, in the exact location (Germany)?

What happens when nodes are missing?

Do I need to specify resources when setting up my environment?